Make the holiday down-right decadent with our special Valentine’s Day menu! 

We’ve done all the work, but you can go ahead & take all the credit! This line up of sweet & savory items is guaranteed to win over the heart of your Valentine.  Our chefs have focused on highlighting fresh, local ingredients & all of the items are scratch-made right here in our kitchen. 

Quantities are limited, & you must pre-order through our website by Wednesday February 10th.  Items can be picked up on:

Friday Feb 11th, 9am – 6pm

Saturday Feb 12th, 9am – 6pm

Sunday Feb 13th, 9am – 6pm

Monday Feb 14th, 9am – 6pm 

Chicken & Waffles


Doughtnut Bouquet - $45

Each bouquet comes with 11 scratch-made doughnuts.  You can expect a mix of classic vanilla dipped in chocolate & jumbo Nutella stuffed donut holes!  Our doughnuts are made by hand, so each one is unique, and the dough is scratch-made using only the best locally sourced ingredients.  

Doughnuts will be made the morning you’re scheduled to pick up your order, for optimal freshness.  

Eat•Graze•Love - $36

What’s a more perfect match than meat & cheese! Our Eat Graze Love Charcuterie box highlights some of our favorite artisanal snacking items. Includes 2 dips, 3 different cheeses (a hard, cheddar & blue), 3 different cured meats, dried fruits, grapes, flavored nuts, Pingle’s famous chocolate fudge, sourdough crostini, house-made pickled veg, & an assortment of crackers.

Sweet Tooth Bakery Box - $24

Our weekly Sweet Tooth Bakery Box program will be running Valentine’s Day weekend with special love themed boxes! Each box is $24 and will include an assortment of Valentine’s Day themed from-scratch donuts, cookies, pastries & more! 

FALL in love.... with chocolate cake! $35

Scratch-made chocolate cake, filled with layers of creamy chocolate ganache, surrounded by Kit Kats, and topped with Brigadeiro Fudge Balls.

Decadent Chocolate Fondu $35

A mix of milk & dark chocolate, that melts together for the perfect decadent treat! Served with a selection of strawberries, grapes, mini waffles, marshmallows and pretzels for dipping.

Chicken & Waffles

Gift Baskets & Florals

Valentine's Day Gift Baskets $40-$55

A collection of our favourite things, in one pretty package.  Small($40) & large ($55) sizes are available, and  each one is unique! Some of the items you can expect to find are gourmet chocolate, Pingle’s famous fudge, chocolate covered pretzels & our house-made chocolate raspberry macarons.

Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth for something specific? Let us know & our retail team will do their best to accommodate your request! 


Pre-order flowers for your favourite person! Choices include: 

  • Mixed Bouquets $22
  • Tulips in a handmade vase $55
  • Mixed Bouquet in a handmade vase $70


Chicken & Waffles

Hearts and Rosé Dinner For 2

$60, feeds 2.

The easiest way to a person’s heart? Carbs. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, so all you need is to heat, serve & enjoy!  Enjoy a dinner for 2 with: 

cEasar Salad

Romaine, sourdough croutons, double smoked bacon, fresh parmesan cheese & caesar dressing.


A Pingle’s staple with a garlicky twist! Made with Chef Ben’s freshly baked sourdough focaccia.

Heart Shaped Ravioli

Filled with ricotta cheese & spinach, tossed in your choice of: 

Traditional rosé sauce with fresh basil (vegetarian) OR beef ragu rosé sauce with fresh basil.

Optional Dessert Add-On

Fall in Love… With Chocolate Cake! $35

Scratch-made chocolate cake, filled with layers of creamy chocolate ganache, surrounded by Kit Kats, and topped with Brigadeiro Fudge Balls.

Chicken & Waffles