After exploring our flower fields, treat yourself to some delicious eats prepared by our talented Pingle’s kitchen team.

Please keep in mind, this is a cash-free event. Credit & debit only. 

Prices & hours of operation subject to change.

The Menu

Chicken & Waffles

The Fry coop

All Burgers & handhelds are served with a side of fries & drink.  

Plain Jane Poutine $14.50

French fries, Ontario cheese curds, topped with gravy.

Loaded Summer Fries $16.50

Fries, kalamata olives, red onion, cucumber, feta, pickled radish,& tzatziki

double stack cheeseburger $16.50

Two Willowtree Farm burgers with cheese, tomato, pickles, & southwest mayo.

Fried Chicken Sandwich $17.50

Locally raised chicken marinated in buttermilk then breaded and fried.  Topped with sunflower shoots, pickles & southwest mayo (a Pingle’s favorite!)

Sunny Seed Vegan Burger $16.50

A house-made sunflower seed burger patty, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, & vegan chipotle sauce

Junior farmer cheeseburger $12.50

Single Willowtree Farm beef patty with cheese. Served fries & a juice box.

Junior farmer chicken fingers $12.50

House-made breaded chicken tenders, Pingle’s peach & sour dipping sauce, fries & a juice box.

Fresh Fruit Cup $5.00

Delicious & fresh fruit!

The Cheesy Pig

Served on a 12” oval pizza. Serves 1-2 people.

farmers Cheese Pizza $16.00

Pizza crust topped with tomato sauce & two types of mozzarella cheese.

Pingle's Pepperoni pizza $17.00

A best-seller from our Friday night pizza menu.  Pizza crust topped with tomato sauce, Ontario-made mozzarella cheese, & Pinque Salami Al Prosciutto. 

Beet it! Pizza $20.00

Pizza crust with a garlic oil base, smoked beets, topped with goat cheese, then piled with balsamic marinated onions & finished off with arugula.

fancy cowgirl pizza $22.00

Pizza crust topped with a pesto base, with chicken, cherry tomatoes, pickled radishes, topped with arugula, a balsamic reduction & parmesan cheese.

flower dayz pizza $25.00

Pizza crust topped with a pastry cream base, summer berries, whipped cream & a cinnamon sugar dusting.

Chicken & Waffles

sweet shack

When it comes to sweet treats, Pingle’s Farm knows a thing or two! Our talented kitchen & bakery have whipped up some tasty concoctions for you!

Pingle's Soft Serve $6.00

Our delicious vanilla soft-serve ice cream in your choice of a waffle cone or cup!

Pingle's Sundaes $7.50

Our delicious vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with chocolate & fresh strawberry sauce.

Ice cream chocolate nachos $11.00

Waffle chips, vanilla soft-serve ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh strawberry sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream & topped with maraschino cherries.

Slice of Summer Watermelon Float $13.00

Chunks of freshly cut watermelon, watermelon slushy, vanilla soft-serve ice cream & served inside a signature Pingle’s mug!

Sunshine slushy float $13.00

Lemonade slushy, vanilla soft-serve ice cream & a lemon slice for garnish, served inside a signature Pingle’s mug!

Lemonade Slushie $7.00

Pingle’s fresh squeezed lemonade in slushy form, need we say more? Add a signature Pingle’s mug for $5.00.

Watermelon Slushie $8.00

Made with home-made watermelon juice, only the good stuff! Add a signature Pingle’s mug for $5.00.

caramel corn $11.00

A Pingle’s staple, our fresh popped popcorn caramelized to perfection.

Cider doughnuts (6-pack) $9.50

A Pingle’s classic, yeast cider doughnut with cinnamon sugar.

Sugar Cookies $6.00

Our classic Pingle’s sugar cookie is beautifully decorated.

Chicken & Waffles

the pickled pony

Quench your thirst with Pingle’s Farms new freshly squeezed lemonade!

Classic Lemonade $8.00

 Fresh squeezed Bill’s Lemonade, with one full lemon & shaken with ice.

Strawberry lemonade $9.50

 Fresh squeezed Bill’s Lemonade, with one full lemon, muddled strawberries & shaken with ice.

Lavender lemonade $9.50

 Fresh squeezed Bill’s Lemonade, with one full lemon, lavender syrup, fresh sprigs of lavender & shaken with ice.


Pingle’s has always been known for making delicious pies, butter tarts & fudge. But that’s just the beginning! In the past year we’ve added a cafe to our market, renovated our kitchen space & hired some incredibly talented chefs. What does this mean? Even MORE delicious scratch-made food to fill your belly with!

Each morning our team is up before the sun, churning out delicious sweet & savoury items for our cafe & market, along with planning menus for our ever growing list of on-site events. We take great pride in working with fresh, locally sourced ingredients (some grown right here on the farm!) & highlighting different flavours of the season. 

 If you enjoyed your food on the farm today make sure to stop by the cafe to see what sweet & savoury goodies we’re cooking up! We also offer a variety of seasonal menus & catering options throughout the year!