Farm Crop Report

Pingle’s Farm Market is proud to offer a variety of pick-your-own and in-store Ontario farm fresh produce including: strawberries, apples, fall raspberries, pumpkins, corn and much more. Subject to availabilty. Check our report below for updates and availability, reports are shown in status icons with updates. See five icon samples for reference below.

Raspberry Report

Fall bearing raspberries. The patch is now closed


Strawberry Report


Pumpkin Report

Pie pumpkins, Large Pumpinks and squash now available at the market.

Pick your own from field .  Wagon rides on the weekends to the pumpkin patch.

Ambrosia Report

A  large red apple that is crisp and juicy with a distinct aroma and a sweet low acid flavour. Excellent for eating fresh.


AVAILABLE in the market and pick your own

Cortland Report

Large globular shape with red-orange stripes. Mild, sweet taste and crisp texture. Excellent for salads and fruit plates; resists browning. Good for pies and sauces.

AVAILABLE in the market and pick your own.

Red Delicious Report

Large size, firm, sweet and juicy. Dark red colour and elongated shape. Excellent in salads but not recommended for cooking.

Pick your own is open

Empire Report

Cross between the McIntosh and Red Delicious. Slightly tart; juicy, firm and crisp. Ideal for snacks; makes great applesauce.

Available in market and pick your own.


Apples are smaller this season, but plentiful!

Honey Crisp Report

Large sized fruit with distinctive crisp texture, aromatic, juicy and a slightly acidic, sweet taste. Flesh is cream coloured. Best eaten fresh.


Available in the market .


Macintosh Report

Medium size with irregular round shape, it’s a green apple with a red splash and white, juicy flesh. Mildly tart, with sweetness as it ripens. Excellent for sauces, pies or eating fresh.


Available in the market,



Mutsu Crispin Report

Cross between the Golden Delicious and the Japanese Indo. Larger than average, it has a tart to sweet taste and firm texture. Ideal for snacks. Delicious in pies and chunky sauces.

Available in the market and pick your own

Northern Spy Report

Distinguished by bright red stripes and an elongated shape. Large, crisp and firm. Excellent for pies and baked apples.


Available in the market and pick your own



Royal Gala Report

Average size; yellow-orange ground colour with a red blush. Ideal for eating fresh.


Available in the market and Pick your own.

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