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>Apple Snow

>Blueberry Quick Bread

>Carrot Potato Pancakes

>Cucumber Mint Soup

>Easy Berry Mousse

>Fruit Kabobs

>Fruity Oatmeal

>Oatmeal Applesauce Bars




Fruit Kabobs

Be sure to wash all the fruits you will be using. Cut each apple into 8 pieces, ask an adult to help if you are not allowed to use a knife. Take the fruit pieces and slide them into the skewer in any order you like; alternating by color or shape. After you have skewered all of your fruit, place them in the fridge until you are ready to serve them. Serve your kabobs on a plate with bowl of fruit yogurt for dipping, you can also substitute other fruits such as pineapple or honeydew melon.

  Ontario strawberries  
  Ontario apples  
  Ontario cantaloupe  
  Ontario grapes  
  Ontario honey dew melon  
  Wooden skewers  
  Fruit flavoured yougurt  

Source: Ontario Farm Fresh




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